We package your snacks

ELLER foodPackaging produces modern snack packaging for the to-go market. Along with a premium production site and many decades of technical know-how in the printing industry, ELLER strives to achieve added value for consumers and snack vendors.

The science magazine show Galileo, from Pro7, has produced a short, exciting video explaining how ELLER foodPackaging develops new snack packaging.

Get a glimpse behind the scenes at ELLER foodPackaging:

ELLER foodPackaging Awards
  • Excellent packaging

    For the third time in a row, an ELLER packaging innovation has won the coveted gold medal from the Innovation Challenge in London. You too can find the right food packaging for your needs here with us.

  • Individual packaging design

    Our development department will find the perfect packaging for your snack and your customers’ needs. ELLER foodPackaging’s designers will develop this packaging dependably and well-suited to your corporate design.

  • Strict hygienic standards

    We produce your snack packaging and trayliners in accordance with the strictest BRC/IoP hygienic standards. We make sure that these frequently checked and confirmed by independent auditors.

Dedication, passion and experience – the ingredients for traditional flavour.

By all means, we want to transfer our quality all the way to our customers.
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