Panvas – flexible product presentation

In the take-away business as well as immediate consumption in the stores, customers want to be served quickly and without waiting time. Still the freshness of the food and the brand message need to reach the customer, no matter where he is eating his food – in the office, at home or in the restaurant.

The standard take-away bag has long since lost its charm. For the customer to walk away satisfied there is a large demand for different and functional to-go packaging. ELLER foodPackaging has now launched the solution – Panvas. Without further training the opening at the top is easily understood and sealed with an integrated closing feature speedily. During consumption the delicious food always stays in sight.

More and more stores face problems to keep their food looking fresh into the afternoon. The fresh keeping function of Panvas reduces waste, displays products deliciously behind the counter or in the self-service cabinets – while maintaining their artisan character.

The need for extensive training of staff in each store is a risk for unsteady quality many chains are unwilling to accept. This could be reduced by central production. Packaged in seconds, Panvas is the perfect all-in-one solution from a central production site, during transport and as a presentation surface in the stores. Without compromises it presents snacks as if they were not packaged with maximum visibility. Due to the fresh keeping feature and the large window it highlights but also maintains the quality at the same time.

Especially during lunchtime and other high traffic times it becomes a challenge to serve all customers speedily. The solution: Panvas in the self-service shelves. It gives the product the perfect artisan look and a hand-made feel. Production can be centralized as Panvas serves as a carrier from the kitchen to the stores and is presented directly in the shelf. Customers avoid the lines and processes at the tills are improved. During lower traffic the shelves can be refilled.

Looking for a new business opportunities? The fresh keeping feature of Panvas makes Catering to schools, companies and other events easy as well. Filling and snacks are immediately visible to the customer and there is no need for additional take away packaging. Additionally this clever packaging offers the option to buy meals for the meeting in the afternoon early in the morning and keep it fresh in the fridge at the office. With the new and approved tear-off feature hand keep clean while taking notes.